Welcome to Gallery One, home of the most sought after book on the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, Sled Driver.
Written and beautifully photographed by SR-71 pilot Brian Shul, this remarkable book intimately reveals what it was like to fly the world's fastest and highest flying jet.

Nicknamed the Sled by those who flew her, the top secret SR-71 Blackbird was the most remarkable aircraft of the 20th Century and was a key component in winning the Cold War.
The SR-71 served six different Presidents as the premier reconnaissance platform for the United States for over a quarter of a century,
speeding across hostile skies at over 2,000 mph and altitudes above 85,000 feet to gather critical intelligence that no other system could deliver.
Over 4,000 missiles were fired at the SR-71 without a single hit; at Mach 3+, the Blackbird evaded every missile, outran every enemy fighter, got the take -
and with impunity, brought the sound of freedom to the world with its indomitable double sonic boom.

Brian Shul was the first SR-71 pilot ever to write about what it was like to fly this exotic aircraft, and coupled with photos from his personal collection,
the book has remained an enduring aviation classic since its first publication.

Available only through Gallery One, the Commemorative Edition of Sled Driver is a fitting and passionate tribute to the most remarkable aircraft of the 20th Century.
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Brian Shul has captivated audiences nationwide with his motivating story of perseverance and triumph over tragedy.
Coupled with his unique aviation slides, his talks are truly one of a kind. His ability to present a serious message with candor and wit
has made him a favorite at a variety of functions, where the diversity of his amazing experiences has put him in high demand as a keynote speaker.